Infants &

The Infant (6 weeks–15 mos.) and Toddler (15–24 mos.) curriculum provides learning experiences that celebrate a child’s inquisitive nature, fostering confidence and their desire for independence
and autonomy.

Developmentally appropriate activities include language development, early literacy, pre-math and exploratory science, motor skill development, social/emotional development, art and sensory experiences, music, self help skills and more.


Two’s & Three’s

At Valor Christian Academy the 2’s and 3’s curriculum is the basis of an effective developmentally appropriate program in all areas vital to growth in the young child academically and socially. Hands on activities in purposefully-designed environments provide meaningful learning experiences in Bible, language development, reading readiness, pre-writing skills, pre-math, science, cooking, art, music, dramatic play, blocks, gross and fine motor skills. Teachers help to further develop the child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills, laying the foundation for later school-related academic success.



The Pre-K program provides an exciting curriculum to help prepare children for success in Kindergarten and instills a love of learning.  Growing in their faith, developing a strong moral compass, building friendships and self-confidence are essential for success in Kindergarten and in life.

Teachers facilitate curriculum that provides sequential instruction in academic areas such as literacy, communication, beginning phonemic awareness, pre-writing skills, math and science concepts, art, music, movement, and dramatic play. Meaningful opportunities are offered to
learn about and engage in community fostering emotional intelligence, relational skills, appreciation of diverse cultures, being good stewards
of God’s world, developing problem solving and conflict resolution skills
and enjoying physical activities.


Drop-in Care

Drop-in care is available for children ages 2–5. Registration required. First-come, first-served based on daily availability. Reservation must be made by 3:00 pm the day before by calling: (310) 798-5181.


One time $30 registration fee

Rate Options:

Hourly:     $12/hr (2 hour minimum)
Half Day:  $35  AM
(8:30am–12:00pm) or
                       PM (2:30pm–6:00pm)
Full Day:   $55 (anytime from 6:30am–6:00pm)