Philosophy/Core Values

Valor Christian Academy holds to and affirms that:

  • We serve Christian and non-Christian families and seek to share Christ and the gospel, to raise up students who have a heart for missions and will fulfill God’s call to reach the lost. The teaching/learning process at Valor Christian Academy reflects a Christ-like sensitivity, relevant to a diverse school community where each student has specific giftings and calling on their lives to impact our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • We provide a Christ-centered, Biblically integrated, exemplary education, never compromising our faith to achieve worldly gain or meet secular educational requirements, recognizing that God is the origin of all true knowledge and wisdom.

  • To achieve our Expected School-wide Learning Results we recognize parents primary God given responsibility for the education of their student and it is our purpose to assist them in this endeavor.

  • God is the sole provider of resources, time, talents, and abilities. As good stewards we strive to bring Him honor through a balanced budget, tuition assistance, and financial accountability, to maintain affordable tuition and to provide just compensation for employees.

  • We value our administration, faculty, and staff. We are committed to pray for and respect them. We will provide resources and support for ongoing professional development. We believe that all faculty and staff are “called” to serve this learning community in collaboration and unity as we model Christ in teaching and life.


  • We will regularly utilize internal and external assessments to evaluate our progress and to this end we are committed to the WASC and ACSI accreditation process.

  • We submit to Jesus Christ in every area: philosophy, teaching, relationships, vision, and stewardship. We believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, and our purpose is to glorify God. Valor Christian Academy’s Biblical foundation is expressed through its statement of faith.