What's Happening
at the Preschool?

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May I take
a tour?

Yes. Tours are generally Tuesdays through Thursdays at 9:30am and book up pretty quickly. You will need to call (310) 798-5181 to reserve a spot. If you’re interested in attending preschool for the current school year, your tour spot will take priority (so mention it).  (Alternate days/times may be arranged.)


What is the

Infant/Toddler = 1:3
Two’s - Three’s = 6:1

Four’s – Five’s = 9:1

How do children learn?

We know from child development research that children construct knowledge through “hands on” experience. Our program provides materials and learning experiences appropriate to the child’s developmental levels. Our daily schedule provides appropriate time for learning including an outdoor program which we consider an extension of the classroom.


Do you require parent involvement?

Parent Participation is an integral part of our
continued success and is encouraged.

Is financial
Aid available?

As of now, financial aid is not available.

What are the qualifications of the teachers and staff at Valor Christian Academy?

Our teachers are highly qualified educators with training, experience and education in Early Childhood Education. Some have BA and/or MA degrees in the fields of early childhood education, psychology and other related fields while others
are working on degree completion.

In addition to their academic training, the staff also participates in ongoing training and development with monthly planning meetings
and professional association conferences.
All employees are CPR and First Aid Certified.


What is the discipline policy?

From a loving, Biblical perspective we talk with children about how their actions affect others. We encourage them to verbalize their feelings and gently guide them through a conflict resolution process. Children learn to respect the rights of others and to become caring, thoughtful learners and friends.

All teachers at Valor Christian Academy use redirection with children when there is a conflict over toys or materials and encourage children to use language rather than physical means to express their needs and wishes. We are interested in building self-control and self-direction in the children. Physical punishment or “time out” is never used in disciplining children at the school. In discipline situations our goal is to enhance the child’s ability to function appropriately and self-regulate their actions.


Is there snack time or lunch time for children?

Our program provides a healthy morning and afternoon snack. All snacks are freshly
prepared at the center and follow the
California State Licensing Regulations for
Young Children.

Parents may send nutritious lunches from home in reusable containers (trash free). Valor has a hot lunch program provided by Choice Lunch.  Balanced, nutritious lunches are pre-ordered
and paid for on the Choice Lunch website.

Parents provide all foods for infants and toddlers.


How is toilet
training handled?

We know that children train easily when they are developmentally ready and when the parent is ready to support the training at home. They model themselves after other children who are toileting.  Toilet training is handled in a natural, positive manner taking the lead from the child. Children are checked regularly and encouraged to use the restroom if they appear to be needing to toilet.


How are
“separation problems” handled With children?

Parents are encouraged to bring a family photo and/or transitional object i.e., small book, stuffed animal from home for their child. It is important to tell your child you are leaving and will return in a short time to pick him/her up. It is best to keep “good-byes” sweet and short. Lingering good-byes can be painful for the child.

We will always contact the parent by phone if the child appears upset and is unable to participate in classroom activities. We will inform the parents
if we feel the child needs a shorter day or other adjustments to make the transition from home
to school easier.


How does VCA Staff communicate
With parents about
their children?

There are numerous ways that we communicate with parents. We talk with parents daily about their children when they arrive at the beginning of the day and again when the parents pick up children at the end of the day.

Monthly lesson plans are provided to parents with information about the daily program, concepts and themes being introduced in the learning centers, songs and rhymes being taught to children and special events and activities that are being planned.

Conferences with parents occur once a year in the spring. Parents are also invited and encouraged to participate in all school events and celebrations.